#9: Wheatland Music Festival, 2008

On the second weekend of September for the past 35 years their has been a music festival held near the town of Remus, Michigan. The Wheatland Music Festival is an exciting varied event that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. I've been a couple of times, still a newbie compared to some people I know who have been dozens of times. I've plenty to still see and learn but that will have to wait for the 36th festival next September.

One thing that makes Wheatland Music Festival special is that they feature a broad array of musical styles. They also tap into things associated with music, most notably, as with the group you hear in the background—Sole Impact—dance.

Their is a lot that goes on at Wheatland. You have the Main Stage, Centennial Stage, and the Dance Stage which represent the big three. Then you have the massive Kids Hill area plus a stage for kids shows, workshop stages, an Open Stage pavilion, and this only covers the "official" music scene. People run drum circles and jam sessions all over the place. You have the artisans marketplace featuring arts and crafts of all sorts to explore as well.

Throughout the podcast you've heard music from some of the performers. Music heard includes the Pine Leaf Boys, Sole Impact, Crooked Still, The Refugees, Bichini Bia Congo Dance Theater Company, David Honeyboy Edwards, Tom Graves and Cherokee, and the Cherryhomes Family. A complete list of the performers on the Main Stage, which doesn't represent everyone who performed at Wheatland, can be found in the show notes. You can learn more about the festival itself as well as the many other activities the Wheatland Music Organization does at the Wheatland Music Organization website.

Main Stage Performers

Pine Leaf Boys, Tim Graves and Cherokee, David 'Honeyboy' Edwards, Sole Impact, The Freight Hoppers, Slide (Ireland)

Tim Graves and Cherokee, Tarbox Ramblers, Pine Leaf Boys, The Chicken Chokers, David 'Honeyboy' Edwards, Slide, Dale Watson, Cheryl Wheeler, Bichini Bia Congo Dance Theater Company, The Refugees, Crooked Still

Gospel Sing, The Refugees, Dale Watson, Cheryl Wheeler, The Chicken Chokers, Crooked Still, Sole Impact, The Cherryholmes Family

Sites of Interest

www.wheatlandmusic.org (Whatland Music Organization)

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