#14: Rhode Island, Small Is Beautiful

Rhode Island is the smallest of the fifty states in the U.S.A.. Covering a mere 1,545 square miles, just big enough to contain New York City three times over, the state boasts considerable wonderful scenery. Last fall I spent a few days with family learning that Rhode Island has more than two well known cities and extensive coastline. From the shores of Narragansett Bay to the state forests in places like the Arcadia Wildlife Management Area Rhode Island can surprise you with its variety of flora and fauna.

I have had family living in Rhode Island for fifteen years but it was only recently that I started to learn just how varied the state is. After seeing the seals at Rone Point we'd turn our attention to the Escoheag Trail. Being greeted by this sign gave us pause, but we were prepared. The hills and rivers of the pine forests beckoned.

We'd leave the Escoheag Trail for the Ben Utter trail and Falls River. We'd work our way to the small waterfall, Stepstone Falls I believe, for a lovely lunch on a crisp autumn day. You could, if you wanted, visit the seashore, a rich pine forest, and river valley complete with remains of old foundations of anceint mills in one day.

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