Hollerfest has been running now for 5 years. Put on the by the King family on their farm, Frog Holler Farm, the festival is an intimate gathering for performers and patrons alike. The music is varied and the atmosphere is congenial. I joined several friends this year, at long last, for the festival weekend and had a wonderful time.

I had not planned on doing a podcast for this festival so I apologize for any audio quirks as all I had with me was my iPhone. I think it turned out rather well. My heartfelt thanks to all those who gave me a bit of their time to take part in this podcast. I especially want to thank the bands I recorded under-the-radar as it were. In order that you heard them (I hope):

1 Appleseed Collective

2 Dorkestra

3 String Cheese

4 Frank Allison

5 Nutshell

6 Blue Party

7 Griff's Jams

8 Isosceles

9 Natalie Mae

10 Lac La Belle

11 Nervous But Excited

12 Bliss

13 Creole du Nord

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