It’s time for summer trail maintenance on the North Country Trail (NCT). Andy and I maintain a section between 13 Mile road (Cleveland Drive) and 16 Mile Road in Newago County. The section also includes the side trail to Highbanks Lake Campground. All told the section is easily 6.5 miles long. This year we hoped to do a lot of re-blazing. Circumstances would rather dramatically affect our plans. Trail maintenance can be saticefying but it can be hard work too. 

Learn more about the North Country Trail at their website Andy and I are part of the Western Michigan chapter.

Get a visual sense of what things can be like from this short video on youtube (

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Some of you have already downloaded Episode 6 of the Wandering Knight podcast. Perhaps you have noticed the interesting overdub that plays at the start of Hello Dave's song Michigan. My apologies for that tiny mess up. It is a bit of recording by me from the first night signing off for the evening that I forgot to delete. A new version, hopefully corrected and completely proper, should appear in the feed very soon after this blog post goes out.
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