#17: Autumn Dusk at Hudson Mills Metropark You don't have to go into the wilderness to get a taste of nature. If you want to just get out there but live in an urban or sub-urban area look into the parks in your region. You'll probably be surprised at what you find. Besides the numerous city parks here in Ann Arbor we are blessed with an extensive metropark system that covers 5 counties (we are lucky to also have State Game Areas and much more, you probably have them too). This time we visited Hudson Mills Metropark and strolled broad nature paths and paved trails for a couple hours. Even though we were about as close to civilization as you can get an urban nature hike can still re-vitalize and give you that little extra boost that makes being outside worthwhile (the excursive doesn't hurt either). Autumn is a superb time for little treks like this. Get out and enjoy.
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